All that glitters isn’t Tinsel

It’s two years old. I miss her. A lot actually. It’s just that we grow up and have less and less time to catch up with the people we love and miss, even though we probably do NOTHING constructive cause that’s how lazy we are.
Hey there, you! I miss you. And someone somewhere wishes the best for you. 🙂


Look up at the midnight sky, there’s hardly any stars up there anymore visible to us. At least not in the part of  the city where I live. Some are hiding and some have lost their way and dropped down on Earth. One such star is Tinsel.

If you’ve seen Peter Pan and noticed ‘Tinker Bell

the glow around her is exactly what I see around Tinsel. She’s always surrounded by the glow of the stardust!

Had I seen the movie after I got to know her, I swear I’d have been out there, screaming my lungs out, “I do believe in fairies!

She’s one of the nicest person I’ve come across in the past eighteen years of my life! I love you so so so so so so much!!

And yes, she’s also the one who’s been a huge inspiration for me writing a blog today!!

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This blog © is my stress buster. I won’t call it personal diary. Its much more than that. A realm of raw emotions. A part of me that I cherish and love a lot. Emotions play an upheaval in everyone’s life every now and then. I just take out time and share with you all my carnival of emotions. Try to at least. If you want more of me, there’s always my facebook page. View all posts by pinkdragon

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