Choices.. that make up our life.

We make so many choices every single day. What to wear, what to eat, which movie to watch, which website to shop from, which places to go to… the list is endless. The innumerable little choices that make our day.

Though there are some choices in life that are more important than the others. It influences our life in more ways than one. These are the big decisions. Life as it is, brings us to many crossroads, and much to our dismay, we gotta make that choice.

Certain choices are heartbreaking. It hurts to give up and let go of something you always wanted. Happiness is here and now, they say. Does this save me from making a choice about my future? Not really, still got to make that choice. (Wish we could pick up a chit and that would be all.)

Me being the person I am, I’ll analyze my life, my desires, my dreams, my wishes.. my past and my dreams for the future. Well, if I got to make a choice, I might as well make a well thought of one.

My whirlpool of thoughts have made me lose my sleep. Why does it have to be so difficult? Why do I have to stress about things so so much? Life would be simple without all those sleepless nights and ‘what ifs?’ dancing along my bedside.

Deciding to leave my favorite city burns a hole in my heart. But ‘kahi pahuchne ke liye, kahi se nikalna zaruri hota hai‘ (To reach a destination, you got to move from where you currently are.)

My dreams scare me. They’re crazy and maybe even impossible. It’s thrilling yet so scary.

“What if I don’t make it?”, my over cautious loud mind shrieks.

A faint voice whispers from within,

“but shiv, what if you do!”



About pinkdragon

This blog © is my stress buster. I won’t call it personal diary. Its much more than that. A realm of raw emotions. A part of me that I cherish and love a lot. Emotions play an upheaval in everyone’s life every now and then. I just take out time and share with you all my carnival of emotions. Try to at least. If you want more of me, there’s always my facebook page. View all posts by pinkdragon

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