Trouble with Red.

​Can’t believe I’m actually in tears because I’m having such a horrible Valentine’s day. I think I’ve never cried on this day. I don’t even know why I’m crying and I guess sometimes pro analysing skills don’t help when you need it the most..

There is love all around and with all due respect to romance and love (was an ardent believer of the mush), I feel like shooting everything romantic I see around me.. 

I feel feverish not just physically but also emotionally. I could shop for hours at straight right now.. but can’t shop for two months. Not until my goals are reached. (Self restrain) Maybe I should focus on studying, and my aqua fitness class that I have to go to in some hours. And, also at completing my chart papers and work. 

What I really need right now is a cup of hot chocolate and two broke girls. Post binge watching, I’m going to get back to my to do list for today which is really long.

Feels really good to be back here though. Missed this.



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This blog © is my stress buster. I won’t call it personal diary. Its much more than that. A realm of raw emotions. A part of me that I cherish and love a lot. Emotions play an upheaval in everyone’s life every now and then. I just take out time and share with you all my carnival of emotions. Try to at least. If you want more of me, there’s always my facebook page. View all posts by pinkdragon

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