To always knowing your worth.

“I will tell you, my daughter

of your worth

not your beauty

everyday. (your beauty is a given. Every being is born beautiful)

Knowing your worth,

can save your life

Raising you on beauty alone;

you will be starved

you will be raw

you will be weak

an easy stomach

always in need of someone telling you how beautiful you are. ”



About pinkdragon

This blog © is my stress buster. I won’t call it personal diary. Its much more than that. A realm of raw emotions. A part of me that I cherish and love a lot. Emotions play an upheaval in everyone’s life every now and then. I just take out time and share with you all my carnival of emotions. Try to at least. If you want more of me, there’s always my facebook page. View all posts by pinkdragon

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