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There is beauty in walking away.


Don’t let yourself feel small at any cost. Love (By which I mean any kind of love and not just the conventional one) is supposed to make you feel good about yourself, not like a hopeless helpless freak. If someone makes you feels like a violated piece of shit, walk off.

You can take in nonsense for the sake of the affection you feel for someone but letting them walk all over you time and again? Not happening dude.

There is Beauty in walking away. Plus, there’s always champagne.

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Trying to search for someone on FB and feeling so damn lost.
I mean all I know is the visuals of the person I’m looking for, and NOTHING else.
This isn’t fair. I don’t know your name. Or your surname. (yes, lame.) All I know is you’re in third year of the college I will not name. You were so awesome. Unlike one of your friends who bugged the hell out of me in the waiting lounge downstairs.
Just send me a friend request already. I want to thank you for the alpenlebes you got me, for the support you provided, for every sweet nothing you did for me while racing up and down the corridor arranging everything and magically appearing once in a while till I entered the interview room. You entered with me. Waited in the side till the interviewers marked the previous interviewee. Listening to my slightly nervous limerick and chuckling at it making me laugh at my own self. Also, that you stood in the interview room the whole time while I was being interviewed and smiled at my answers, making me feel more confident about myself and my knowledge. I saw you smiling when I wrote less marks than what I actually got in the form and the professor telling me that one should always exaggerate and not contract marks and .89 means I should have written the next percentage. 😀
Also how you mini hugged me when I came out of the room with you and you told me that I was awesome and I’m definitely in and I looked at you like you spoke french but I was grinning away. Then when you said congratulations, it sunk.
I feel so stupid to not have asked your name or anything and just leave, smiling away. I had to whatsapp a friend and go to my mom who was waiting for me downstairs.
So stupid of me. Now how do I say thank you?

I’m not going to find you for a very long time now. So here it is,
Thank you so much. You were amazing. I’m sure you still are 😀

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Before I begin with anything, first wishing Rc a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He turned Eighteen! 😀

We’ve been friends since forever. He’s my best critic as the only thing he does to me is criticize. Haha 😛 He’s my confidante. My caretaker. My bestie. My mother ( at times ) and last but not the least, my mood uplift-er. I just be myself i.e my retarded self without the fear of being judged at any point or crossroad. The same is the case with sharmamgparifatsoaish. They’re like this element of existence which can deal with my dynamic nature. I have no connection, whatsoever with people except my countable few comrades who define to me the meaning of friendship every time I give up. I’ve lost a lot in life, but in return I’ve got them. Hence, no regrets. I don’t have a long list and trust me, I’m glad its this way.
I’ve just come back from Rc’s treat and my tummy is absolutely full. Devil’s own is the best creation of ccd.

I had a mock clat exam today. It was pathetic. Like really. 😥 I just had ten minutes to complete the math section in the end and I went like “jai mata di A, Jai mata di B yada yada!” And made a nice pattern in the OMR sheet.
I had no other option. Only ten minutes, 20 questions and I got shit scared. Though math was something I loved in class ten but now everything seems so distant. No proper memory at all. Rc’s going to teach me math when he’s free. I hope I can get some concept of it and manage my time well in the exam. I’ve still got 6 months to go but not counting jan, feb and march which will be really hectic because of boards, I’ve got three months.
Shivika, BUCK UP!

If the class ten shivika would meet me, she would be shocked to know that my condition in math has deteriorated to such extents. UH. 😦 I need to get all the concepts back into my head. Even my favorite sir, who made me fall in love with math is too busy and I guess I don’t want to take help from him further. The last time I went, he just dint have time and the jokes he cracked, instead of making me laugh like it always did sort of made me feel bad.

Anyway, last week I was helping my neighbor solve linear equation sums and made her understand the basic concepts really well. She called me up yesterday to say that she’s got a hang of it and said thankyou. So I believe I haven’t really lost all my concepts. They’re just decayed and are somewhere deep inside my head. I’ve got to patiently do math to get it resurfaced. Yeah! Sounds like a good plan.

Life alone is tough but I’m managing well. Trying my best 🙂

I better go to my books. They’re looking at me with desperate eyes. Inviting me to get buried in them.

Hahahhaha! 😀

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I want to RUN away.

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In passion, we consume.

It is only when we consume an emotion we truly feel it. When we consume love, the passion of that emotion, we truly and completely feel for it. Like every cell of our body has consumed it and the passion ignites. On a very similiar note of emotions, we confuse dislike with hatred. Dislike is like the upper layer of the true and authentic emotion, which lies beneath many layers. Only true and dedicated consumption, leads to the unfolding of these layers and only then you truly experience that emotion. Like I was saying, dislike is just an upper layer and jealousy and envy comprising the surrounding layers. But when one has so much of every layer then all those layers slowly start to unfold. After the consumption, when the feeling of hatred is felt, the emotion is ignited, one experiences the authentic emotion, RAW ; that is truly an emotion expereinced. In its true form. In its raw form. The world has seen the repercussions of hatred. It is so severe that people go up to the extent of removing and executing ones existence.

Emotions in their Raw form could be dangerous too. And need I mention the intensity of passion?

But I believe, in love, if its not that, its not worth it.

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The Schizo Buddies.

Dear vedu,

I’m sorry about not being able to write anything on time these days because my brain is all screwed up. Oh, you’re so sweet. You’re the name that comes to my mind when I think of a friend.

When am I going to see your pretty face? And we have got to catch some HIMYM and drool over hot men together too. It’s all on ‘the’ list, don’t worry. I feel like I’m writing a letter to my friend in the Hawaii. (One sec, Hawaii? I’m weird.) I like to picture Kashmir as Bahamas.

Sorry for calling up, crying like a baby and then asking you to finish your pizza. I don’t want us to ever talk about this conversation and me crying on the phone, ever. Like EVER.

I’m trying to see the brighter side of everything. Being happy and looking for happiness in all nook and corners.

But sometimes, that just doesn’t happen. However hard you try to get through the day with how much ever the bright lights of positivity, at the end you’re reminded again of how you’re all alone with those endeavors, all alone with those achievements, all alone with your happiness and pain.

Fuck, I wish you were here and not so far away. So I could use your cuddly self to hug and blow my nose on your tshirt. Haha.

I miss our schizo-ING around, discovering places of calcutta on our own, trying out a new different eatery every day, just being crazy and loving each other despite all of that.

I love you, okay.

Awaiting your reply. From Kashmir. Preferably a handwritten letter sealed, delivered. Duly stamped with love too. And do not smooch that letter.( I remember your undying love for making out with inanimate objects) Okay?

Come back already love.

X PinkDragon X

A Point wise guide to ruin your date.

“It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than to be absolutely boring!” XD – Marlyn Monroe.

There comes a point in your life when you just stop everything and realize, “Life has become so monotonous. I need some spice, NOW!” I’ve been feeling that for a very long time. It seems like the world conspires against you to get whacky and crazy. You’ve been too good for too long. And, that isn’t too good.

Listen up, countrymen! Let the eccentric-ness resurface. 😀

Here’s a hip and funky point wise guide to ruin your date;

• Eat heavy oil dripping food the previous meal. Do not think twice before indulging in those mouth watering samosas or vada pav. Eat to your hearts’ content. Rather, eat more than your hearts’ content. And If its ‘mooli’ ka season. Nothing can get better! All the deadly gases are sure to over flow on your date!

• Wear the shabbiest clothes you’ve ever owned. Mix and match horribly (don’t forget to consider color combinations. Maybe dress like a peacock with all colors haphazardly present in your outfit) So that when you look at the mirror, you say – Yeah, I look so eww!

• Ever heard of IST? Nah, it’s – Indian Stretchable Time!
Reach at least 40 minutes late for your date. Do not bother to give explanations. If asked, reply with a slight air of defiance – “I am Royalty, I ought to be late!”

• Try and initiate a conversation and nudge your date to talk but not give him/her the chance to actually talk. Keep talking and talking. And talking. You have no idea how much of annoyance will be brewing within your date!

• Use foul language in every second sentence of yours. Go desi with it. (P.s Do take a mental picture of his while you speak the first major desi slang! It’ll totally be worth it. 😛 )

• Keep on texting or whatsapping or BBMing while on the date.

* ^ This one will work Wonders!!*

• Talk about Hindi soaps and your undying love for them. Keep on mentioning how you never miss even one telecast. Discuss characters and stories.

*The date is 60% already ruined. Time to get cracking! The major part is about to begin*

• Pour out all your problems in front of him. If required, create more problems. Get all sad and weepy. Get in the flow. Blow your nose loudly. Then suddenly be all fine and appear as a bipolar freak!

• Ask him about his hobbies and interests. Show disgust at every hobby and prominently mention why you dislike it! Find nooks in every opinion, choice of your date. Become the fault finder! Keep the sarcasm flowing.

• Laugh embarrassingly on his jokes. Should I mention again, EMBARASSINGLY?

___________Loading… _____ 100% cOmplEte.

Congratulation, your date has been successfully ruined. He is going to consider this date a thousand times before going on another one (Of course, not with you!) 😀

X PinkDragon X